The Well Newsletter January 2020

Dear Friends, 

In 2020 Jacob’s Well will celebrate our 10th year anniversary of ministry as a multicultural church filled with people on the fringes of society and people who have compassion for the hurting.

2019 was a difficult year for Jacob’s Well, with two pastoral changes in seven months and two physical moves within four months. But God has been faithful to Jacob’s Well. At our new location downtown Memphis, we share space with First United Methodist Church who has been very gracious in their support of Jacob’s Well, and for this we are grateful.

  1. Each week we host our Saturday Night Experience of Bible Study, Dinner and Worship
  2. Monday through Thursday mornings we host a spiritual direction program based on Luke 2:52.
  3. Tuesday afternoons we host a Bible Study at the Carpenters House.

We are building relationships with organizations like, Room in the Inn, Christ Church Memphis, The Hospitality Hub, Constant Abbey, The Union Mission and Memphis Theological Seminary’s internship program, to address the needs of hurting and troubled people.

The time we can spend with most of the Street Community is limited because of their transient nature. So, it is a high priority that they get to experience the living waters of Jesus Christ during the time they spend at the Well.  

One of our goals in 2020 is to establish a satellite location, where Jacob’s Well can continue to reach out to the Street Communities where they have served in past years. Another goal is to become an agency of the Memphis Food Bank.

As we demonstrate the grace of God as described by Jesus in Matthew 25, verses 34 to 40., we  invite those who have a passion to effectively help our hurting and troubled friends in the Street Community to  join us in our mission to Share God’s message of Hope, Deliverance & Victory to our brothers and sisters living on the margins, but wanting to live well in a world of chaos where Christ Has All Our Solutions.

Even though Jacob’s Well faced challenging times over the last year, our spirit is strong, and we are encouraged and motivated by what Jesus demonstrated with His own life and what Theodore Roosevelt verbalized when he said in essence, “Nothing worth having or worth doing comes without effort, pain and difficulty.” What we do at Jacob’s Well is well worth doing to the glory of God and the edification of all who come to the Well.  

In His Service, Pastor Morrow


  1. Rachelle Burgins


    jacob’s well is a good community of christian people who cone together to help others.

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