Welcome to Jacob’s Well Memphis

Saturday Dinner & Worship

Jacob’s Well is a different kind of church whose focus is on broken and hurting people. At Jacob’s Well people come together from different racial, economic, and cultural backgrounds to gather around the spring of water welling up to eternal life as a living reality. Jacob’s Well is a multicultural church filled with people on the fringes of society and people who have compassion for the hurting. Jacob’s Well provides a dinner every Saturday for all who come to the Saturday Night Experience. Our goal is to provide a wholesome dinner in a welcoming environment and a worship service where all can exoereince the living waters of christ Jesus.

Attention: Due to the rise of COVID cases in Shelby County and the safety of our entire Jacob’s Well family from the Omicron variant we are serving meals at the door of on Saturdays at 4:00 P.M. Public worship service has been moved to Zoom each Saturday at 5:30 PM until further notice.

Core Values

Rehabilitation: Each week we offer Gospel-centered discipleship bible study from the 12 steps to Recovery Program. and The Protege Project by Dr. Morrow. Our goal is to offer spiritual and practical tools that aid those who want to live well in a world of chaos.

Reconciliation: Bringing people together from across racial and economic lines to fellowship over a meal and worship. We employ a two side method to do ministry, mission work through discipleship, and discipleship through mission work.

Reciprocation: Serving the community out of the overflow of God’s love in us. We invite interns, mission groups, and people with a passion for the least of these to volunteer with us. Especially in light of the new normal, we are facing in the post-Covid-19 world. here.

Ways To Volunteer

As we demonstrate the grace of God as described by Jesus in Matthew 25, verses 34 to 40, we welcome those who have a passion to effectively help us as we share the love and grace of God in our unique enviornment to our hurting and troubled friends using the gifts in leading, worship, music, prayer, sharing Christ love. Click here to learn how.